Erosion of Trust: Concerns About a Two-Tiered Justice System in America

By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman

August 4, 2023

The American justice system, once hailed as a beacon of fairness and equality, is facing a reckoning as a growing divide becomes very evident. Recent developments, including the alleged corruption within the Biden family and the indictment of former President Donald Trump, sheds light on what appears to be a two-tiered approach to justice.

Just this week, former President Donald Trump was indicted once again, for what is perceived as politically motivated charges intending to derail his candidacy for president. The sheer number of cases being brought against Donald Trump by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, while he is Biden’s leading opponent for president, raises eyebrows about the integrity of our justice system. Of course, the fake news media has trained their spotlights on Donald Trump, focusing all of their energy on the allegations against him. 

Meanwhile, the press and Democrat leadership has given a pass to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, excusing away the damning revelations that have recently come to light. Testimony this week by Hunter Biden’s former business associate suggests Hunter used his father, during his tenure as Vice President, as political influence in his business dealings. And we’ve all seen the video of Joe Biden admitting, in his own words, that he strong-armed a foreign government to fire the prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden and his company. And just last week, Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal with the government was derailed by a judge who, rightly, saw through the deceptive tactics to hide a statement of immunity to other federal crimes in the terms of the agreement. Yet the media is silent on the Biden family.

Amidst the theatrics of the Hunter Biden trial, the larger picture becomes clearer: we are witnessing a performance, a spectacle meant to distract us. Seemingly, the DOJ is playing a role in shielding the Biden family from legal consequences. This further fuels concerns about a two-tiered justice system, further eroding trust in the impartiality of the system.

So where is the collective outrage of the American people? Has our patience been stretched so thin that even repeated indictments of a presidential candidate fail to stir us? We sit and watch the DOJ give preferential treatment to the sitting president’s family, and our press shields Joe Biden from criticism, and we sit on our hands?

Where are the American people? Historically, the answer by Republicans has been to continue living our lives, going to church, raising our families, attending our extracurricular activities, while we wait to cast our ballot at the next election. That is no longer enough. The time has come to brace ourselves. To stand firm on our American principles. To get ready, prepare and get involved. The year 2024 is approaching and Idaho is poised to take the lead in expressing its voice for our next presidential nominee. We must equip ourselves now to double down on our involvement in local and national politics to express our discontent with the way our beloved America is slipping through our fingers.

We must remember that the strength of a nation rests not only on its leadership but also on the engagement of its citizens. The wheels of change will only turn when we apply our hands to them. America’s legacy is built upon moments when the people stood united and unyielding in the face of challenges.

So, fellow Republicans, the call to action is resounding. How much longer will you wait to engage, to get involved politically, to hold the media accountable, to hold your elected representatives accountable? The future of our nation hangs in the balance, awaiting the answer to this pivotal question.

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