Consistent with our constitution and our nation’s founding documents, the Idaho Republican Party is committed to limited government; strong local communities; independent families; and freedom of the individual. Our nation requires informed citizens capable of self-rule. True equality, as given by the Creator, is predicated on recognizing the dignity and liberty of every man and woman; this bedrock principle undergirds the Idaho Republican Party’s sustained dedication to the working men and women who labor to make Idaho stronger and more prosperous.



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  • Idaho is Building a Culture of Life

    Idaho is Building a Culture of Life By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman March 24, 2023 National news outlets have recently taken an interest in Idaho’s prohibition on elective abortions. It’s […]


  • Idaho Republican Legislators Shouldn’t Make Idaho into California. Say No to Illegal Immigrant Labor.

    Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman March 18, 2023 This week, Republicans in the Idaho Legislature advanced a resolution calling upon President Joe Biden, as well as Congress, to grant an amnesty […]


  • Stop Lava Ridge. Don’t Let the Feds Make Idaho a Vassal of California

    Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman March 10, 2023 It’s easy sport for politicians to complain about Washington D.C. After all, D.C. is where so many ill-advised ideas are dreamt up and […]


  • Concerned Citizens of Idaho: A Call to Action

    CALL TO ACTION March 2, 2023 Concerned Citizens, Members of the Idaho State Legislature and the Idaho Secretary of State have brought forward a bill that would change the presidential […]


  • The Left uses Nonpartisan Municipal Elections to Push Dangerous Policy

    Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman February 27, 2023 The most radically liberal politicians in America run for office under the protection of nonpartisanship. Once in office, these same “unaligned” officials raise […]


  • Presidents Day: The radical Left is working overtime so the memory of Washington and Lincoln is lost forever

    Today, on Presidents Day, Americans celebrate the memory of our nation’s founder, George Washington, and the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. The radical Left is working overtime so the memory of […]


  • Republican Governors have Florida and Arkansas on Right Track. Idaho isn’t.

    Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman February 3, 2023 On Tuesday evening, President Biden gave his State of the Union address to a joint-session of Congress. In it, Biden declared war on […]


  • IDGOP Statement on House Bill 71

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2023 Boise, ID — Today, House Bill 71 (H0071) will be heard in the Idaho House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee. H0071, the Vulnerable Child […]


  • Idaho Must Act to Preserve the Power of your Vote

    Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman February 3, 2023 A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Vermont ruled that a municipal ordinance allowing non citizens to vote in a U.S. election […]