PRESS RELEASE: IDGOP Announces New National Committeeman


July 30, 2023

Boise, ID —

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon announces the filling of the vacancy for the Idaho GOP National Committeeman position. Bryan Smith, of Idaho Falls, will serve the remainder of the term as the Idaho Republican Party National Committeeman. 

The Idaho Republican State Central Committee convened on July 29, 2023 for a special meeting to fill the vacancy of National Committeeman. Nina Beesley, Chair of Legislative District 3, nominated Bryan Smith for the position, seconded by Dale Mortimer, State Committeeman of Jefferson County. In an uncontested race, Bryan Smith won the seat by acclamation. 

Bryan served as the Idaho GOP Region 7 Chairman from 2014-2016, the Idaho GOP 2nd Vice Chairman from 2018-2020, and he has served for numerous years in various capacities on the Bonneville County Central Committee. Bryan has currently been serving as the Bonneville County State Committeeman since 2022. Bryan brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience including party fundraising. 

Chairwoman Moon said, “I am excited to announce that Bryan will be joining Idaho’s delegation at the RNC summer meeting in August, and working with our team as we prepare for the 2024 Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus and 2024 RNC Convention in Milwaukee. Bryan brings years of dedicated service to our party.” 

Bryan Smith said, “I want to offer my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supported me, to our State Chairwoman, Dorothy Moon, and to Nina Beesley and Dale Mortimer for their outstanding nominating speeches. I look forward to serving Idaho and the Idaho Republican Party as we continue working to save our nation and our state.”

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