IDGOP Thanksgiving Proclamation

In 1863, as the Civil War dragged on and Union armies suffered bloody setbacks, President Abraham Lincoln officially recognized the observance of Thanksgiving and called upon Americans to engage in a day of prayer and fasting. Recognizing the role of the Divine in shaping the destiny of not only individuals but nations, Lincoln asked that his fellow citizens confess their sins, pray for forgiveness, and hope for God’s blessings. In continuation of that great tradition, we join you and our fellow Americans in a spirit of prayerful gratitude, hoping for God’s blessings and thankful for the freedoms He has given us.

For all who suffer and endure during this time, know that the Idaho Republican Party is dedicated to confronting the policies that leave so many to struggle alone. In renewing bonds of community and refocusing the work of politics to the needs of Idaho’s people, the Republican Party will continue to fight so that all may enjoy the rich blessings of this favored nation.

Proclamation 118, Thanksgiving Day November 1863

Dorothy Moon, 

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party

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