IDGOP Statement on 2022 Election Results


November 9, 2022

Boise, ID —

Idaho gave a resounding answer to the question of who should be trusted to right our economy, run our schools, protect our streets, and manage our state’s resources.

I’m proud of our Republican candidates who defended our party’s principles and clearly communicated our ideas to the people of Idaho. Ours is a party dedicated to the flourishing of hardworking men and women and the families that make Idaho safe and prosperous. The results we are seeing across our state confirm this. And it is this foundation that we will build upon.

Our next task is to translate this mandate into strong policies enacted in the upcoming legislative session. The people wanted leaders who promised to reject the failed agenda of the radical Left. We gave them those leaders. Next, the people demand these leaders deliver on the policies necessary for making their lives — and the lives of Idaho’s children — better. It’s my job to see that our elected Republicans deliver.

Thanks to all of our hardworking, tireless volunteers. Ours is a working-class party, where people take time from their jobs and their families to make Idaho freer. Our volunteers’ sacrifices made tonight possible.

This election is important. And we relish our success. But the hard work in making Idaho a real citadel of freedom and prosperity is just beginning. We know the Radical Left never sleeps. Neither will we: Today, it’s back to work.

Dorothy Moon

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party

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