Biography and Background

I am a graduate of West Jefferson High School, attended college at Ricks College and BYU. I am a self employed farmer and rancher. I am an independent contractor for Superior Livestock Auction. I am the current Chairman of the Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee and serve on the Resources and Environment Committee.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

As the Senate Ag Chairman I have a responsibility to make sure that agricultural issues are one of my top priorities. Water is the life blood of agriculture and affects all of our lives every day. Having ample supplies and storage is paramount.

Issue 2

In the past two years the legislature has reduced income taxes by over $984 million, and increased the circuit breaker for property tax relief. We have increased the grocery tax exemption and have provisions to move the indigent care portion of property tax to the state. I believe we need to continue to seek relief for the overburdened citizens.

Issue 3

Education is a top priority. This year we have increased teacher pay in a variety of ways. First by reducing health insurance premiums and providing improved insurance coverage for school district employees. Second by increasing the funding for the career ladder and teacher bonuses. Finally investing in our students in a variety of new programs.

Integrity in Affiliation

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