Biography and Background

Greetings, Idaho! I’m Senator Tammy Nichols, proudly representing District 10. With four years in the House of Representatives and now completing my first Senate term, I bring a unique blend of Idaho roots, business acumen, and a deep commitment to conservative values.

From a young age, I learned the value of hard work growing up in a family business, and later graduated from Boise High School and earned a science degree from BYU-Idaho. As a mother of five, with four graduates from Middleton High School and one still attending, education is close to my heart. My experience as a business owner in property management has equipped me with the skills to navigate both the business and political realms.

Throughout my career, I’ve engaged with local and national organizations on critical issues such as education, Second Amendment rights, taxes, and more. I’m dedicated to serving my community, from coaching youth sports to volunteering in schools and churches.

Idaho faces challenges, from economic uncertainty to threats against our conservative values. As your Senator, I’ve worked tirelessly to defend our way of life and advance legislation that promotes freedom and prosperity. But there’s more to be done.

We need leaders who understand the urgency of the moment and will fight to preserve our God-given rights. With your continued support, we can make a real difference—for our families, our communities, and our state. I am known for my conservative stances both on social and fiscal issues, bills and budgets, and have been honored with awards for taking those stances.

Thank you for your trust and partnership. Together, let’s ensure a brighter future for Idaho.

God Bless!

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

The Border: As your Senator, I’ve taken concrete action to address the pressing issue of border security and protect Idaho from external threats. I’ve supported and voted on legislation aimed at fortifying our borders and safeguarding our state from illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and potential security risks. By advocating for robust border security measures, I’ve demonstrated my commitment to ensuring the safety and prosperity of Idahoans. It’s essential that we continue to prioritize this critical issue to preserve our way of life and uphold the values that define our great state.

Issue 2

Education: I have had the opportunity to work with many families throughout the state who are greatly concerned with education. In fact, education (Common Core) is what got me involved in politics. School choice, cost, indoctrination issues, teacher pay, learning, parental rights and so on are of great concern. I have also voted, supported, and co-sponsored good pieces of legislation over the past 6 years (including universal school choice) to try to help make our education system function and do better than it is. Many students graduate ill prepared to earn a living and pay off their higher education debt and trade school is placed on the back burner…this needs to change.

Issue 3

Idaho must reclaim its sovereignty from federal agencies and unelected bureaucrats to protect its autonomy and uphold democratic principles. Overreach from these entities undermines state authority, stifles innovation, and threatens individual rights. By asserting its authority, Idaho can tailor policies to address local concerns, resist unconstitutional mandates, and promote transparency and accountability. Reclaiming sovereignty is essential for preserving Idaho’s distinct identity and values, ensuring decisions reflect the will of its citizens. It also allows Idaho to distance itself from reliance on federal debt dollars, promoting fiscal responsibility and economic independence. This shift empowers Idaho to chart its own course, free from the constraints of federal mandates and debt obligations, while promoting economic prosperity and safeguarding individual liberties.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes
“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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