Biography and Background

I’m currently serving my 6th year in the Idaho Legislature. It has been an honor to serve, I would like to continue to serve another term. I invite you to look up my voting record, I am have a 95% rating with the American Conservative Union. The group studies bills to see if a bill creates a bigger government or increases spending.
I believe government should be limited in size and scope, I think we demand too much from government, we should turn most things to the free markets and let competition due what it does best, makes things better.
Government is simply a tool built by us, I think we forget it’s not a stand alone entity, it is ours to keep in line and make sure its checks and balances are actively working and keeping in it’s lane. What is the proper role of Government? We decide.
Boise is a strange place, my first campaign I told everyone that I was not a Boise Boy, meaning I was not going down here or there to get buttered up by Lobbyists or agencies or establishment folk, I was going to Boise to work for the people. I believe I have kept my word. Lobbyists quit calling, the dinner invites are far and few between, they just know that I stand for the people that I serve not their best interest.
My passion is helping people with addiction recovery. Every family is affected by Alcohol and Drug issues in some form. I served on the district 2 behavioral health council and I served on the Governor’s Taskforce for Opioid addiction.
Fentanyl is crossing our southern border in a massive amount, Last year we had more overdoses than any time in history, Most Fentanyl was coming from China, but they wised up and started sending the ingredients to the cartels in Mexico so now they manufacture it, they simply give it to migrants heading north, have them give it to dealers who spread it out across the States. Dealers know the deadly consequences and mix it with other substances, even putting it in vape pens to increase the high so the addict comes back for more.
Its always bothered me that we have no problem paying 30,000 per year to lock someone up, but using a 5th of that money to get someone help with their addiction is out of line. I have been fighting for more funding for something I was a huge part of in 2015 the start of local recovery centers, these centers are thriving, Latah Recovery center saw over 5000 people last year at very little monies, this is where we should be focusing getting people the help before the consequences of death or prison.
Please go to my website, , please help if you can, I am in a new district and need to get the word out by May 17th. God Bless you and that you for researching. FB Kingsley for Idaho 7A

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Property Taxes, inflation Property taxes are local spending, it’s funny but local spenders blame the State and the State says it’s local. Let’s set this straight. The State sets the parameters and the actual taxing comes from the locals. There is currently a bill that I think goes to far, It is throwing property taxes to the sales tax. You will have no property taxes but pay 8.5 cents on sales tax. I think this should be looked at but it doesn’t solve the problem, the spending still goes on. Bonds and levies from schools will continue, my fear is that once your property taxes go down, schools will simply say, hey you have more money now so let’s spend more, run more levies. I think tax relief is important, I can see helping the people on fixed incomes with something like the above, I did support a bill this year that increased the circuit breaker for our elderly but it just isn’t enough. I also co-authored a bill this year, that made counties if they are going to build a jail or a courthouse that it goes to the voters to approve it. This does not affect our new courthouse in Lewiston but will for future counties. It’s a simple majority vote so if you can’t get 50% plus 1 to vote for your jail or courthouse then it probably shouldn’t be built. People should have a voice in such large projects. Ill keep fighting this beast, property taxes are out of control. Inflation… 18 Billion dollars came into Idaho in the past two years due to COVID, this has put to much money in the money supply and of course this has driven prices up. I’m not the Governor but i would of said no Thank you to the FEDS with their money printing machine. Anytime the Feds send money their is strings, we have yet to hear the strings, I’m sure they are coming. Many programs that have been funded by the State with ARPA, American Rescue Plan of Action, has long term effects, many agencies have hired people with this money that will be on going expenses, using one time monies. This is unfortunate. I have continually voted against all bills that have ARPA monies in it. Most of them have passed. This is money that will be paid back by our great grandchildren, Someday they will say, ” What were they thinking?”

Issue 2

Supporting first responders! Our first responders need our full support, they do jobs that not many of us would do. I’m concerned that our State is starting to give the rule of 80 which gives our first responders early retirement to other agencies, this was special category for them. Three times I voted no on expanding it to others. Thank you first responders for all you do!

Issue 3

Defending the unborn. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness starts at conception. I wrote a bill a few years ago that turned into law, it gave fathers the ability to challenge an abortion, after all it is half of him. Through modern technology, you can prove at 4 weeks that the DNA of the child is viable. A simple cheek swab from the Dad and a blood test from the mother shows that the DNA is 50/50, why would a father not have a right to have a say in the abortion question? I’m also excited that Idaho has voted on the Heart Beat bill, this is going to the Governors desk, Idaho is the second State in the nation to sign on to this bill. Adoption is an option, there is support for bringing babies into this world. Please choose LIFE. I’m supported by Idaho Chooses Life and Idaho Right to Life. I have many other issues but these are my top three. God Bless you all.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes
“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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