Biography and Background

Melissa is a newly-retired healthcare executive, having spent 30 years building medical networks, managing multi-million-dollar budgets, and negotiating contract rates to drive down costs for patients in Idaho, Utah and California. She is a Constitutional Conservative who believes in the sanctity of the personal freedoms given by our creator, as well as the personal responsibility that goes with those freedoms. A resident of Idaho for the last ten years, she is a mother of one daughter (and SIL), and grandmother of two. Melissa is an ardent supporter of animal rescue work and enjoys hiking, white-water rafting, and skiing.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

The current legislative representatives in District 19 do not represent the fiscal or social values of the growing population of our district.

Issue 2

We must address the absence of any relief from over-taxation in the state of Idaho; we have to do better than the status quo for our citizens.

Issue 3

We need greater transparency of proposed course materials and an improved partnership between parents and teachers in the development of public school curriculum.

Integrity in Affiliation

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