Biography and Background

Marco was first elected as a Republican Legislator in 2020 and serves on the Judiciary and rules committee, local government committee, and the Joint Millennium Funds committee, as well as vice chairman of the health and welfare committee. Marco has focused his legislative career on mental health systems, juvenile justice reform, and adult corrections reform. Marco has a Masters degree in psychology and works hard for the public as a non profit program director, and serves on many boards for agencies doing good for families including suicide prevention, Juvenile Justice, and behavioral health issues.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

A strong and vibrant education system is key to our economy and to allow our citizens to improve their lives. We need local flexibility and considerable ingenuity to allow our students to compete in the global economy. Local companies, including the INL, desperately need skilled workers. We need more local students graduating with career and technical education skills. We should continue to invest in ways our school districts and colleges can work together to expand career and technical education offerings at an affordable cost to build a strong and capable Idaho workforce. I’m proud that over the past 4 years, I have served Idaho, moved from the bottom 10 to the top 10 nationally in teacher pay, offered stronger benefits packages, and had historical investments in deferred maintenance and buildings. We are providing more options for our students to achieve greatness.

Issue 2

Getting these youth on track benefits all of us. We need to continue to evaluate current practices for efficiency and make changes; we need to do better at recruiting mental health providers and ensuring services are available. We need to continue to invest in Prevention level services that help youth avoid ever entering systems and prevent suicide. As a legislator, I have been blessed to play a major part in helping build juvenile assessment centers across Idaho. As a result, these centers are helping divert millions of dollars from kids having to enter mental health hospitals, engage with law enforcement, miss school, get on probation, or enter state custody in the welfare system. As I serve Idaho, families will continue to see improvements to their support systems, saving taxpayers large amounts of money.

Issue 3

I have been blessed to be a part of historical investments in Idaho Roads and Bridges. I want to continue to invest in Idaho and ensure that you have a safe place to live and travel. That includes supporting our public safety and first responders and making sure Idaho is always a place we can be proud to raise our families.

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