Biography and Background

My name is Kelly Golden, and I’m NOT a “professional politician.”
I’m a wife, mom, business owner, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and colleague who has spent the past decade living, working, and raising my family here in Bonneville County.
The community here is amazing. Generous, compassionate, innovative and diverse. I have been privileged to walk with many of you through my work in radio, events, and the non-profit sector, and every person has taught me something along the way. I was raised with an appreciation for the story written in the life of every person, whether you’re a 5th generation rancher, farmer, nuclear engineer, first responder, teacher, student, artist, minister, soldier, or builder, and whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just recently arrived.
Your story matters to me, and it should matter to those who make decisions that affect our lives. I can’t promise that we’ll always agree, but I can promise that I will listen and I will represent you and this community to the best of my ability.
I’m a lifelong Republican who stands for the Flag and kneels before God alone. I will fight for Life for the young and old. I believe God created Male and Female in His image, and that the Bible is the ultimate source of Truth and Law.
As citizens of our amazing country, we are accountable for how we steward the inheritance of future generations, whether it is our natural resources, the economy, the security of our country, or the preservation of the principles laid out in our founding documents.
Your voice matters. It’s time to be heard.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Protecting Idaho kids From conception through graduation, Idaho kids matter, and I consider it a privilege to stand for them as the future of our state. Their lives and innocence deserve to be protected, and they deserve the best education that we can give them, free from agendas and indoctrination.

Issue 2

Fiscal responsibility Over half of Idahos budget comes from the federal government, and we are still managing to put seniors out of their paid for homes due to exorbitant property taxes and forcing young families to make difficult financial decisions because of our grocery tax. Idaho can do better. We should be able to make cuts in our Medicare and Launch budgets (or eliminate altogether) and bring some much needed relief to Idaho families

Issue 3

Voter trust Since 2020 (and before) Idahoans have lost faith in the ability of our elected officials to do what is best for citizens. The deceptive behavior of many so called Republicans, and party infighting, coupled with mandates that hurt citizens and small businesses in favor of corporations and lifetime politicians has eroded the idea of citizens actually having a voice in government. As the party of “We the People” I hope to be part of restoring the ideal that our voices matter and that the needs of the citizens of our state truly do come before the desires of an elite few.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes
“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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