Biography and Background

I was raised on a farm in Bingham County and graduated from Blackfoot High School. My husband and I own a family farm.We have four children, 2 who are farm partners with us, 1 who is deceased, and our only daughter is currently living in Japan.
I volunteered in my children’s schools, served on the Snake River School District Board of Trustees and was a state representative from 2012-2018. I am currently a commissioner on the Idaho Public Charter School Commission and the Idaho Potato Commission. In the private sector I am a board member of the Idaho Youth Ranch, where I am on the Programs Committee.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

High taxes and the detrimental effect they are having on our state economy is the top issue. Whether its income or property taxes, they have been creeping up to a point that there has been some creative ingenuity to address reducing them. I believe the legislature can help to reduce these, whether its through greater transparency or using state dollars to reduce the amount of levies or bonds, they have to be a priority.

Issue 2

The lack of employees has become another concern, when almost every business has a “help wanted” sign in the window, one cannot miss it. Helping future employees gain skills needed to work current job openings is how the state can help. When individuals gain the confidence to fulfill a employment position their self worth is increased, and they value their job. Workforce development is something the state can invest in.

Issue 3

Parental involvement in education is increasing, the best predictor of student success is parental involvement. It’s an exiting time to see the number of parents who are running for school board positions and engaging in schools. I volunteered in my children’s schools and it was the most rewarding experience I had. Building relationships with teachers, administrators and other employees helped me to learn collaboration skills. I know it was why my time on the school board was productive.

Integrity in Affiliation

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