Biography and Background

I love America and cherish the freedom we have to pursue happiness taking whatever avenue is best for our families. I believe that we all have the right to protect our families from harm, the second amendment maintains that right and I strongly support it. I am adopted and so thankful my mother chose life for me, I will stand for life for all the unborn. I was raised on a small family farm, we raised our own beef and fruits and vegetables, I appreciate small farms and their value. Living on a farm, I learned the importance of hard work and what it takes to be mostly self sustaining for food. My work history began with picking strawberries every summer to earn money for school clothes, once I was old enough, I worked in retail and food service. I worked in the public sector, for the Department of Justice as an advocate for children. I have been in church leadership, working with teens, and leading worship. I have been politically active for many years, volunteering for campaigns and working to help get republicans elected. I am currently serving on the Washington County Republican Central Committee.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Medical Freedom: I strongly oppose government mandated mask and vaccine requirements. People in a free society should be allowed to make their own medical decisions. I don’t believe a Governor should act as a medical advisor and prohibit the use of any FDA Approved prescription drugs for off-label use. Medical treatments should be left up to each individual, and medical decisions for children under 18 years of age must be left up to the parents. No FDA unapproved medical devices or medicines should be mandated by the government. The government should not be allowed to coerce people to make medical choices that go against their personal will or religious beliefs.

Issue 2

Taxes: As we are currently carrying a tax surplus of almost two billion dollars, there is no better time to reduce the burden of high taxes on the people of Idaho. The grocery tax must be repealed. We need to eliminate either the income tax or property tax, or lower and cap them. The elderly and middle to lower income families should not be taxed out of their homes. Our adult children shouldn’t have to move to another state in order to purchase their first home. Once you purchase your home, you should own it, you should not be paying a tax for the luxury of home ownership. Taxes for public services, such as fire and police are understandable, but they should not be tied to home ownership, everyone who uses the services should pay the fees, maybe more as a type of insurance. Our homes should be ours period. The government needs to reduce spending, and budgets should be reviewed every other year to make sure all taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Inheritance taxes are theft.

Issue 3

Protecting Idaho Land: Farmers and Ranchers need less government regulation, interference and burdensome fees. We must encourage small farmers by letting them use their land without increasing rules from the government. We must protect our agricultural lands and prevent special interest groups from hindering farming in the name of environmental extremism. Growth is inevitable, but we must use our land and water to the best of our ability. The federal government should have no control over our public lands and our natural resources.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: Yes
“I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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