Biography and Background

The biggest reasons I love Idaho are our incredible recreation opportunities, our access to water and our agricultural and food processing industries.
But most of all, I love our communities.

As a 3rd generation farmer with more than 20 years of experience as a Jerome Planning and Zoning Commissioner, I’m a firm believer in preserving the Idaho we love with integrity while setting this state up for a solid future. I’m passionate about local control because I believe communities know their needs best – especially when it comes to protecting their water, agricultural land, and education needs. I’m also a believer in working together as a state to move Idaho forward while still preserving the things we love most.

As a College of Southern Idaho Board Member, I see the value of promoting and creating more opportunities for our youth to access the incredible education and workforce development programs, and to support our schools to foster curiosity and innovation in our future leaders. Idaho needs leaders with a common sense approach to challenging issues, a commitment to integrity, and most of all, leaders who respect their constituents, their fellow legislators, and the future generations who will inherit this great state from us.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Protect Our Water Water is the lifeblood of Idaho allowing for our strong economy, recreation, and agriculture. I believe in preserving and protecting our water by empowering local control options to manage their water resources for a sustainable future.

Issue 2

Support Our Ag Communities Our farmers, dairymen, ranchers, and industry agricultural companies are connected to Idaho’s continued success. I believe in preserving our agricultural land, supporting workforce development, and focusing on water and transportation accessibility.

Issue 3

Empower Our Youth The future of Idaho depends on the leaders of today supporting quality education options from early childhood education to post-graduation. I believe in supporting workforce development and training options, local control for our school districts, and finding ways to connect youth to options that will prepare them with career skills quickly and efficiently.

Integrity in Affiliation

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