Biography and Background

Elizabeth “Beth” Mahn is a third generation Idahoan who has dedicated years to ensuring stewardship and accountability for public funds. Elected as the Ada County Treasurer in 2018, Beth is responsible for overseeing investments, administering property tax laws, and serving as the court-appointed Public Administrator of decedents’ estates.

Beth began her career as an auditor with a “Big 5” public accounting firm in the 1990s. She later clerked for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court during the Great Recession and served over 5 years as an attorney on civil matters, including property tax collections and exemptions. In 2016, Beth joined the Ada County Treasurer’s Office as Finance Manager and was promoted to Chief Deputy Treasurer. Beth continued to gain “hands-on” experience in all aspects of the Ada County Treasurer’s Office including investments, property taxes and public administration. Since taking office in 2019, Beth has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability for your tax dollars.

Beth holds a B.S. in Business (accounting major, summa cum laude) and a Juris Doctor degree, both from the University of Idaho. She is also a member of the Idaho State Bar.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Conservative investment practices: In managing public funds, Beth’s investment objectives focus on safety and liquidity, followed by attaining a market rate of return. As Ada County Treasurer, Beth will continue as a prudent investor committed to safeguarding county funds.

Issue 2

Efficient property tax administration: Under Idaho law, the county treasurer is responsible for administering the property tax system for the taxing districts. Beth has implemented cost-saving practices for these statutory duties, including an enhanced online payment portal. She also helped administer over $55 million in one-time property tax savings under the Public Safety Grant Initiative and oversaw the successful implementation of new laws related to the homestead exemption. Beth has the proven experience to efficiently implement changes to Idaho’s property tax laws.

Issue 3

Stewardship and fiscal responsibility: As a steward of public funds, Beth is committed to ensuring not only that funds are safe but that they are used in the most efficient way possible. To minimize the burden on taxpayers, Beth has consistently implemented processes for operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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