Biography and Background

Blackfoot and Pocatello native; graduate of Blackfoot High School, University of Utah, and Drake University Law School; admitted to Idaho State Bar and State Bar of California; former law clerk for U.S. Attorney’s Office and former manager for SkyWest Airlines; current founder and owner of Milestone Law PLLC, a business, estate planning, and intellectual property law firm; current board member and vice-president of Lillian Vallely Youth Foundation; spouse: Whitney.

Served a prior term in the Idaho House of Representatives from 2017-2018 on the State Affairs, Business, and Local Government committees. Presently serving as the elected state representative from District 29 on the Revenue & Taxation, Resources & Conversation, and Transportation & Defense committees.

Top 3 Issues

Issue 1

Protecting private property rights and personal data.

Issue 2

Promoting small business and entrepreneurship.

Issue 3

Preserving our natural resources to sustain our Idaho way of life.

Integrity in Affiliation

Submission: No

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