Stand with Me!

By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman

May 31, 2024

It comes as little surprise that President Trump was convicted in a New York court notorious for high-profile prosecutions. The weaponization of a once proud legal system for targeted political gain is now the standard for those ensconced with power. The coarsening of political contests within the growing political divide has fermented good fruit into dregs from what was once America’s great image as the defender of truth, justice, and a seemingly forgotten American Way.

President Trump took 85 percent of Idaho’s vote in our March 2nd Presidential Caucus, an overwhelming majority that likely grows stronger with each indictment, each raid of personal property, and each travesty of committed injustice. This conviction cements a belief that no matter the charge, the aim was certain, the nullification of Trump’s run for President. I as well as many Idahoans stand strong against this onslaught of political persecution with a conviction of faith rather than folly that our great Idaho and great nation will rise above such treachery.

I encourage you to continue standing with the Idaho Republican Party and our Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

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