IDGOP Statement on US Senate passing $95 Billion Ukraine funding bill


February 13, 2024

Boise, ID —- 

Today Idaho Republican voters have been expressing their extreme concern about the current events taking place in DC. The phones at the state party headquarters have been ringing off the hook after news broke that 22 Republican Senators worked feverishly through the night with Democrats to pass a bill to spend nearly 100 billion dollars, most of which goes to fund the seemingly endless war in Ukraine. 

Several prominent figures have warned that there is an impeachment trap set within the bill should the next President decide to halt the funding to Ukraine. In his own words, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stated, should Trump win the election, “Republicans need to be aware that this bill, supported by Mitch McConnell and almost all of Senate GOP leadership, sets in motion the next hyper-partisan Trump impeachment (before he’s even elected!)” 

Many Idahoans are wondering where is the same sense of urgency from these Republicans for the very serious issues facing American families right now? 

“A literal invasion is coming across our border,” said Senator Rand Paul, “and all they had time to do in the senate was fly the money to Kiev.” 

The priorities in DC are misplaced. Americans are struggling financially, our border is wide open and untold hundreds of thousands are entering our country illegally. Americans are not interested in funding more foreign wars, instead needing relief here at home. Every taxpayer dollar that we send to fund the war in Ukraine prolongs a conflict that has the potential to spin out of control, even leading to a third World War.

This bill must be stopped in the House. Our House Republicans must defend the interests of American citizens first and foremost.


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