Idaho GOP Gears Up for Historic 2024 Presidential Caucus: Statewide Preparation Promises a Memorable Event on March 2nd!

By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman

November 17, 2023

The Idaho Republican Party has made incredible strides in the last few months as we gear up for the 2024 Presidential Nominating Caucus. Our staff have traversed the entire state, working to equip every county and district committee with the tools they need to host a successful caucus.

We are preparing for what will be a great event! On March 2, 2024, you are invited to meet your neighbors, talk politics, and ultimately to cast your vote for who will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

From the start, the Idaho Republican Party has been committed to making sure we are a significant voice in the race for the presidency. 

Our 32 delegates are more than 22 other states and territories, which makes Idaho an important stop on any presidential campaign. Because of this, the issues that matter to you — border security, natural resources, federal lands, and more — will be at the forefront of the national conversation.

By having our caucus on March 2, Idaho will be the 5th state to pledge its delegates to the Republican National Convention. The eyes of the nation will be upon us, looking to see who gains the early momentum that is so important in presidential campaigns.

With two candidates now officially filed for the Presidential Caucus, and several more expected soon, next year’s Lincoln Day Dinners might be even more star-studded than before. Keep your eyes open for invitations and announcements!

The fact that the Idaho Republican Party has been able to pull this together is a testament to our commitment to being active participants in the great conversation and the resourcefulness of the thousands of volunteers that make up our party.

The work we have done over the past few months has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I have been so impressed by the passion and commitment of Republicans throughout the state. The energy in our party has been electric and people are getting excited for this event.

More and more people are stepping up to get involved in the political process, from block captains and precinct committeemen to candidates for the Legislature. The upcoming caucus will be a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow volunteers and candidates at all levels. Events like this bring communities together and foster engagement in the political process.

A reminder for Idahoans, in order to participate in the Republican Presidential Caucus on March 2, you must register to vote and affiliate with the Republican Party before December 31, 2023. December 31 falls on a Sunday, so plan accordingly to ensure you are registered in time. Additionally, if you’re age 17 and will turn 18 between January 1 and March 2, 2024, you have the ability to pre-register to vote and affiliate Republican so that you’re able to participate in the upcoming caucus as well. 

A republican system of government relies on participation from all people, not just the wealthy or politically-connected. Every one of us has the right, the privilege, the responsibility to stand up and say “We are Idaho!”

It’s not just about nominations and caucuses, but about building a community of individuals who are all dedicated to the principles that have made Idaho great.\

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