IDGOP Statement on Ada County Republican Central Committee


October 9, 2023

Boise, ID — 

The Idaho Republican Party was informed on Thursday evening that six officers of the Ada County Republican Central Committee resigned mere minutes before their regular meeting.

In doing so, the six officers leveled five accusations against the Idaho Republican Party. We categorically deny each of these accusations.

First, the Idaho Republican Party represents more than half a million voters throughout our wonderful state. We believe that the voters deserve to have as much information as possible before they cast their votes in the primary. County central committees have the option for their elected Precinct Committeemen to vet candidates and provide recommendations to voters, and they take that responsibility seriously.

Second, the state central committee has put in place rules to protect the integrity of the Republican primary. Crossover voting is a real problem, as high-profile figures encourage Democrats to register as Republicans to change the outcomes of our primary elections. 

Third, central committees have a responsibility to hold elected officials accountable to Republican principles and the Idaho Republican platform. Elected officials work for the people, and if they affiliate as Republicans then they are obligated to support the platform. Voters deserve to know if their representatives are holding true to their promises and principles.

Fourth, county committees have long supported the operating expenses of the Idaho Republican Party. Unfortunately, some counties were not paying their fair share, forcing others to shoulder the burden. The former chairman of Ada County campaigned on the promise to have Ada County pay their fair share of dues. All 44 counties pay dues that go to support the day to day operation of the state party office, which is about 20% of the overall budget.

Fifth, the Idaho Republican Party is blessed with more grassroots involvement than ever. Thousands of volunteers have stepped up to serve as precinct committeemen, convention delegates, and ambassadors to their communities. The only “bullying” is coming from those who take to the pages of the mainstream media to attack fellow Republicans.

These accusations from the former officers are little more than projection and sour grapes from an old guard that is angry about losing their own power. The Idaho Republican Party will continue fighting for faith, family, and freedom, and representing everyone who stands for Idaho values.

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