IDGOP Statement: Speculation Surrounds Potential Legislative Special Session to fix Presidential Primary


September 26, 2023

Boise, ID — 

This week, the Idaho Legislature is determining whether to take action to resolve the ongoing dispute regarding the lack of a state presidential primary. The House is firmly standing by a March presidential primary date, while the Senate is advocating for a May presidential primary date. Other than rendering Idaho non-influential, a May Presidential Primary is not feasible due to the new May 31st RNC deadline, which would not give enough time between Election Day, the canvassing of votes and the selection, certification and binding of delegates to the RNC.

The impasse in the Legislature has led to a critical juncture where the Idaho Republican Party must take steps to ensure Idaho’s active participation in the presidential nominating process. Amidst the gridlock, the Idaho Republican Party is committed to ensuring that Idaho remains an influential player in the presidential nomination process. We are prepared to host a caucus on March 2, 2024, should the Legislature fail to repeal HB138 this week and restore the March 12 presidential primary.

The clock is ticking, with the deadline to submit the Idaho Republican Party’s delegate selection plan to the Republican National Committee (RNC) rapidly approaching on October 1, 2023. We remain hopeful that the Legislature can come together to resolve this issue and the Idaho Senate will agree to take action with their House colleagues to restore the March Presidential Primary so that more Idaho voters can participate in the process. 

Idaho Republicans are determined to maintain a prominent role in the national political landscape and will do so through a caucus on March 2, 2024 if necessary.

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