Press Statement: IDGOP express concern over former Governor Otter’s divisive rhetoric


September 13, 2023

Boise, ID — 

It is with great disappointment that we address the statement made today by former Governor Butch Otter, in which he expressed his support for the Reclaim Idaho initiative, a radical leftist push for ranked choice voting and a blanket top-4 primary in Idaho. It is essential to recognize the ramifications of such a statement.

The overlap between the so-called Republicans who are endorsing the ranked choice voting initiative and those who supported the Democrat candidate in last year’s race for Attorney General is indeed noteworthy. You have to ask yourself who Otter, Jim Jones, and their friends really represent. It is clear that some individuals, when faced with electoral challenges, seek to alter the rules rather than engage in the process.

Butch Otter, Jim Jones, and others who align with the Democrats and leftists on this initiative should understand that the core principles of the Republican Party are rooted in individual liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility. The Reclaim Idaho initiative, as proposed, undermines these principles and compromises the integrity of our elections.

The Republican Party, at both the national (RNC) and state levels have already overwhelmingly rejected ranked choice voting with strong resolutions condemning it. Idaho Legislators, representing the will of the people, passed a law banning ranked choice voting in Idaho, reflecting our party’s commitment to preserving the principles upon which our state was founded.

It is crucial to reject the divisive rhetoric that Butch Otter uses, attempting to label the grassroots of the party and the IDGOP leadership as radical extremists. Idahoans have consistently shown their preference for conservative values, and our party should be focused on upholding those values, rather than resorting to baseless accusations.

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