IDGOP Summary from the Republican National Committee Summer Meeting in Milwaukee

August 29, 2023

The Idaho Republican Party was pleased to send our three RNC voting members to the 2023 Republican National Committee Summer Meeting this past week. Delegates gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pass resolutions, discuss the upcoming RNC Convention, attend the first Republican Presidential Debate, set the future goals and policies of the national organization, and to launch the RNC’s new “Bank your Vote” program aimed at increasing voter engagement and participation.

This meeting was particularly significant as it served as a preliminary run for the upcoming 2024 RNC Convention, which is also set to take place in Milwaukee. Being in Milwaukee provided us with valuable insights, seizing on the opportunity to attend the Convention Fair to initiate the groundwork for an exceptional experience for our Idaho delegation, who will be traveling to Milwaukee in the summer of 2024 for the National Convention. This hands-on experience allowed us to envision logistical aspects and ways to optimize the event for our delegation.

A remarkable highlight was the privilege of attending the first Republican presidential debate as a guest of the RNC on Wednesday night. The atmosphere was electric, and it was heartening to witness a significant number of enthusiastic young voters among the audience. Eight Republican contenders engaged in a comprehensive debate covering urgent topics, including discussions about the extent of America’s foreign aid commitments, the scope of federal government influence on abortion, strategies that could have been undertaken in the aftermath of a contentious election, the unjust Covid lockdowns, and the summer of rioting by BLM and Antifa.

Important work was accomplished during the summer meeting, including the passage of a resolution to protect children from unsafe sex trait modification and experimentation. This RNC resolution pairs with our own Idaho GOP Resolution 2023-6 to protect gender confused minors from procuring puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries. This puts the Republican Party firmly on record as being against the progressive trans movement to irreversibly mutilate impressionable minors.

The RNC adopted a total of 6 resolutions at the meeting last week, including:

  • Resolution honoring Robert “Mike” Duncan for his service to the Republican Party
  • Resolution urging a “Return to Excellence” in American voting and elections
  • Resolution in support of an Emergency Declaration for the Southern Border 
  • Resolution to protect children from unsafe sex trait modification and experimentation 
  • Resolution to put the vital national interest of the United States first in dealing with communist China 
  • Resolution to urge congress to address foreign nationals owning land near U.S. military bases and enforce reciprocal bans

Looking ahead, the Idaho Republican Party is eager to channel the momentum gained from the RNC Summer Meeting into the upcoming year. Plans are in motion for the Idaho Republican presidential caucus, aiming to ensure a robust candidate selection process. We look forward to welcoming presidential candidates to Idaho, enticed by our 32 delegates and early March 2nd nominating caucus, which allows them the opportunity to engage directly with Idahoans and understand Idaho’s unique concerns and aspirations for the future of our Republic.

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