Preparing for Battle, Newsom’s visit to Idaho foreshadows the fight to come

By Dorothy Moon, IDGOP Chairwoman

July 7, 2023

The ideological chaos that has consumed California and other coastal liberal states is steadily creeping inland. This past week, California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom visited Boise to stump for Joe Biden and his destructive democrat policies. Gavin Newsom’s visit to Boise is a foreshadow of the fight that is to come. He and other incompetent leaders on the left will continue to come to Idaho to push their influence, take our freedoms, and turn Idaho into the hellscape that they themselves live in. With politicians like Gavin leading the charge, the threat of leftism infiltrating Idaho and the rest of the nation looms large. Now more than ever, it is critical for Idahoans to rally together, fortify our defenses, and take proactive measures to preserve our values, freedoms, and the Idaho way of life.

This begs the question: What is Idaho doing now to brace for this threat to our state and nation?

One of our primary defenses against leftism infiltrating Idaho will be elections. Democrats are attempting to deploy devious measures intentionally designed to deceive and confuse voters. Such diabolical schemes, like ranked choice voting, are already being promoted by Democrats and leftist groups in Idaho, despite the Idaho legislature passing a law that bans ranked choice voting. Idaho must recognize the danger that ranked choice voting poses to the integrity of our elections. It opens the door for leftist ideologies to gain a foothold in our beloved state. To safeguard our elections, we must defeat attempts to institute ranked choice voting in order to preserve Idaho’s core conservative values.

Knowledge is power, and it is imperative for Idahoans to stay informed about the ideologies and policies being promoted by the left. By actively seeking out information and being engaged, we can counter the narratives that threaten to erode our conservative values. A well-informed citizenry is the first line of defense against the encroachment of leftist ideals in our state. We encourage you to pay attention and make yourself aware of what your local government is up to. Attend city council, school board, and library board meetings. Join groups and engage in discussions with fellow Republicans about protecting our way of life. We must protect our children and future generations of Idahoans from the depraved influence of the left.

To effectively combat the influence of out-of-state leftists, we must also support local organizations and individuals who share our values and are dedicated to defending Idaho’s conservative identity. This includes providing financial resources to those who will represent Republican interests and actively fight against the woke mob attempting to influence our state. By contributing to grassroots campaigns, participating in fundraising efforts, and joining like-minded organizations, we can ensure that Republican voices are heard and our concerns are addressed.

The battle against the spread of destructive leftist ideologies in Idaho requires a united front. We must put aside our differences and come together as a community to protect Idaho’s unique heritage and principles. The Idaho GOP is leading the way to countering and exposing the divisive tactics employed by Democrats seeking to impose their agenda upon us. We will put up a formidable opposition to the imminent threat.

The power to stop the left lies in our hands. By staying informed, actively opposing deceptive changes to our elections, supporting Republican candidates, and fostering unity within our community, we can safeguard our cherished conservative values and preserve the future of the great State of Idaho. The time to act is now, for complacency will only aid the encroachment of this dangerous ideology. We need your help. Together, let’s ensure that Idaho remains a bastion of freedom, common sense, and traditional values.

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