Call to Action: Abortion HB342

The Idaho Medical Association is trying to bring abortions back to Idaho with a bill that will be heard TOMORROW in the House State Affairs Committee. 

March 21, 2023

Concerned Citizens,

In these last days of the legislative session, the Idaho Medical Association has brought forward a bill, H 342, that they drafted in a closed-door, back room deal. They want doctors to have more leeway to perform abortions in Idaho. 

The IMA and their allies think the people of Idaho won’t notice this last-minute bill.

I know you’ll prove them wrong. 

Idaho has strong pro-life laws that protect the unborn. Leftist organizations and national media outlets are targeting Idaho because our laws work and they protect life and women.

The Idaho Republican Party’s platform could not be clearer about the sanctity of the lives of the unborn. Many of you and your representatives worked for years to see the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v Wade overturned and to see Idaho enact strong laws to protect the unborn.
Don’t let that be frittered away now in an attempt to appease a progressive trade association that, among other things, is working overtime to increase profits for big insurance companies, out-of-state hospital management networks, and doctors educated in some of the farthest Left academic institutions in our country.

The House State Affairs Committee will hear H 342 tomorrow morning. Contact the members of the House State Affairs Committee immediately and tell them Idaho’s law is working. Tell them that now is a time to hold the line, not to change our laws. Idaho protects the unborn. 

Rep. Brent Crane  (208) 332-1058
Rep. Julianne Young  (208) 332-1038
Rep. Joe A. Palmer  (208) 332-1062
Rep. Vito Barbieri  (208) 332-1177
Rep. James Holtzclaw (208) 332-1041
Rep. Heather Scott  (208) 332-1190
Rep. Kevin Andrus  (208) 332-1045
Rep. Bruce D. Skaug  (208) 332-1178
Rep. Joe Alfieri  (208) 332-1065
Rep. Christopher M. Allgood  (208) 332-1044
Rep. Jaron Crane (208) 332-1059

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