Editorial by Ronald M. Nate, Idaho GOP Caucus Committee Chairman



Finally, Idaho has a Voice

Come join the Grand Old Party and help choose a President, by Idaho GOP Caucus Committee Chairman, Ronald M. Nate, Ph.D.

After decades of politely waiting for the rest of the country to choose our Presidential nominees, Idaho finally gets a chance to make a difference.  You can be a part of history on March 6th, when Idaho Republicans caucus to assign their delegates for the Republican presidential nomination.

It’s been exciting to see candidates—note the plural—visit Idaho in hopes of winning the nomination.  After this week, all four major republican contenders will have made a stop in Idaho.  The campaigns are organizing get-togethers, phone banks, and get-out-the-vote efforts.  Maybe we’ll even see some signs and/or media ads.

It’s a great time to be an Idaho Republican.  The best the democrats can do is to occupy a voting booth, cast an obligatory re-election ballot for a failed president, and then hope for a miracle.  Meanwhile, Republicans are attending campaign events, listening to candidates, enjoying some media attention, and getting fired up for a meaningful caucus.  

Of course, we know that after the Republican Caucus all will return to normal.  We will again be taken for granted in the fall.  Idaho will be a red state, and both parties know it.  So, now is our chance.  Make the caucus matter.  Tell your friends and families that March 6th is their best opportunity to help decide the presidential election.

Here are some things to remember for the caucus:

1.  It is not a traditional election.  It is an event—a gathering.  Don’t expect it to be like a wedding reception or open house where you come, say “Hi” (vote) and then leave.  The caucuses begin at 7pm and include a program.  GET THERE EARLY!!  The voting will take place in successive rounds until a candidate wins the county.  Plan on spending an hour or more at the caucus.  Heck, make it a date night.

2.  Register early.  Part of the requirements to participate is that you are a registered Republican.  If you’re already a registered voter, you still need to declare your Republican Party affiliation.  You can do this in advance (avoiding potentially long lines at the caucus) by going to your county clerk.

3.  Bring a few dollars to the caucus.  There will be snacks, raffles, and various other small fundraising efforts for the local Republican Party.

4.  If you’re an independent, come join the party.  You already know the democrats’ nominee, so come take a look at the Republican candidates.  We would love to have your (I) in our team.  

5.  Be patient.  This is huge event and there has been tons of planning.  But there are bound to be some glitches.  The local Republicans are working hard, and your help and understanding will go a long way to make it a success.

 For more information on the Idaho GOP Caucus, including voting locations, visit our website at www.idaho-republican-caucus.com

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