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Idaho Republican Party Announces 2012 Caucus Results

 Boise, Idaho – The Idaho Republican Party announced its Caucus results today, with Mitt Romney declared the winner of the 2012 Idaho Republican Party Presidential Caucus. By winning over 50 percent of the counties’ proportion of delegates, Mitt Romney will therefore receive all of Idaho’s 32 delegates to the Republican National Convention. Across the state, over 44,000 enthusiastic Idaho Republicans made history by participating in the first ever Idaho Republican Party Presidential Caucus.

 “I congratulate Mitt Romney on his victory in the Idaho Republican Party’s first ever Presidential Caucus,” stated Chairman Norm Semanko. Semanko continued, “For the first time in many years, Idaho Republicans played a key role in the Republican Presidential nomination process, and we look forward to making Barack Obama a one-term President.”

 The county delegate results with 100% of counties reporting are as follows:

Mitt Romney: 25

Rick Santorum: 4

Ron Paul: 3

 Newt Gingrich: 0

 Buddy Roemer: 0

 Total Delegates: 32

 Note: Due to Article VI, Section 5 of the Rules of the Idaho Republican Party pertaining to Apportionment and Selection of Delegates to the Republican National Convention, once certified, Mitt Romney will receive all of Idaho’s 32 delegates.