Catholic Families of America Endorses Raul Labrador




“I am very proud to receive the endorsement from an organization I admire and with which I share values; particularly in advocating for families and the rights of the unborn,” says Republican Raul Labrador

 October 29, Boise       The Labrador for Idaho campaign today announced the endorsement of the Catholic Families of America, a faith based organization which only endorses candidates that that it agrees with on every major public policy issue facing the United States today.

"For all people of faith, not just Roman Catholics, we recognize that our republic is at a crossroads," said Dr. Kevin Roberts, executive director of the group. "We can continue the politics of self-promotion, high taxation, and the insidious undermining of the culture of life, or we can get back on the road to virtuous, limited government."
All of the endorsed candidates fit with Catholic Families of America's key policy objectives, which include protecting the rights of the unborn through preservation of the sanctity of life, pro-family tax policies and the support of traditional marriage.

 Commenting on the endorsement, Raul Labrador said:  “It is always important to be recognized for the values you set your moral compass by.  Family values, the rights of the unborn and the preservation of the religious nature of the marriage between a man and a woman are simply fundamental to me.”

 Labrador concluded, “When I am elected to Congress I will continue to pursue goals that are in keeping with the values of the Catholic Families of America:  limited as well as virtuous government and the adoption of tax policies that support the traditional family.  I am very proud to receive the endorsement from an organization I admire and with which that I share values.”



Date: 10/29/2010
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